7 04 2010

If you are here looking about information about being roofied, or how to roofie someone, or what color your puke turns if you’ve been roofied, GO ELSEWHERE.

I may or may not have been roofied and wrote a humorous account of it here. Ever since, I get hit every day by people searching for the weirdest shit regarding roofies. I am sick of it. I’m about to change the fucking name of that entry. I will tell you this, having a blog and reading your search results really gives you insight as to how fucked up people are.

Para example:

Search Views
roofied girls 97


Also on the list:

  1. Girl Roofied
  2. day after being roofied
  3. green puke, roofied?
  4. i got roofied
  5. roofied story
  6. roofied drink
  7. i was roofied + story
  8. girl who got roofied
  9. roofied girl fucked
  10. got roofied can’t stop vomiting
  11. orange pee after roofies
  12. how to talk about being roofied
  13. he got roofied means?
  14. girlfriend was roofied came home crying
  15. i was roofied who do i call (ghostbusters?)
  16. girls who like being roofied
  17. when you get roofied do you fall asleep?

For fucking real. People, stop roofing each other and go outside. Fuck. I am disturbed. And that’s not even the best of the blog searches, just the ones pertaining to roofies.

Anyway, I know this will actually probably lead to MORE roofie searches, but sometimes a girl has to rant.

Baseball game tonight with boyfriend, and L-ville friends. No roofies, though. Maybe a hot dog. Definitely some hot nuts. Godamn I love baseball season.


I’m going to add searches that are popping up that weren’t covered before as I find them. My logic was correct. This shit lead to even MORE roofies traffic. Hopefully it clears shit up for people. NOT AN EXPERT.

  1. what are some roofies stories
  2. roofied hot dog (SERIOUSLY???)
  3. good roofies
  4. what color is your puke on roofies
  5. hot girl fucked after being given a roof
  6. what are some roofies stories
  7. roofie stories
  8. sick after roofie
  9. do roofies turn beer green
  10. girl on roofies
  11. how to stop using roofies (may I suggest therapy?)
  12. roofies and girls
  13. roofie puke
  14. how to roofie someone
  15. what does getting roofied mean
  16. girls getting roofies and fucked
  17. how to make roofie tea
  18. real life roofies stories
  19. what color are roofies
  20. cure for roofies
  21. roofies doofies
  22. girls roofied and fucked
  23. fucked with roofies
  24. roofies
  25. what does i just got roofied mean
  26. throwing up the morning after getting roofied
  27. cure hangover with roofies
  28. vomiting after roofied
  29. what color is a roofie
  30. roofies throw up look like
  31. roofies vomiting
  32. what does roofy mean
  33. orange pee rufies
  34. pukeing roofie
  35. roofie fucked girls
  36. still feel sick after roofies
  37. vomit roofies
  38. what to do if my friend is roofied
  39. roofied and vomiting
  40. real life stories: roofies
  41. morning after roofies
  42. girls that like roofies
  43. did my boyfriend put roofies
  44. roofied naked
  45. do roofies make you vomit (YES)
  46. fucking a girl that had been roofied
  47. watching someone passout is weird (sort of related?)
  48. what color is roofied puke
  49. urine color roofies
  50. cure to the morning after being roofied
  51. roofied cure
  52. roofied by a girl
  53. can i prepare roofies
  54. are roofies real



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